What our participants say

    ''The service business forum provided a platform where we as service leaders could really exchange and share our own experience''

    -Sascha von Wangenheim, METLER TOLEDO


    ''We had more time for personal discussions than at any other conference''

    -Johannes Parensen, GMS Development


    ''I really liked the fact that it all started with a solid research and that we were actually discussing the results amongst service leaders to make it meaningful''


    ''The workshop and advisory board session were very insightful. It was a great opportunity to network and share thoughts with like-minded service leaders. It was revitalizing and energizing''


    ''It is more workshop-like than frontal lesson with respect to other events. This facilitates knowledge sharing and comparison''


    ''I left the workshop with a very good idea of where service businesses stand on AI and what the important factors are to move forward''





    “Very interesting to start from a Research and then discuss it with

    Service Leaders”

    Roche Diagnostics

    Thomas Blättler


    Sarang Sambare,


    Stephen Hodson

      “I learned how to drive services as a value and as a differentiator”

      Emerson Automation Solution

      Rocco Fruggi

        “It allows us to gain knowledge from other experiences”

        Pietro Rauzi


        “We had the opertunity to discuss how to improve the service business”

        Ivan Giosefin

        Künz GmbH

          “Great to meet people from different industries and have great discussions

          added value to the customer”

          Sara Von Sydow


            “ I understand better how to approach digital services and bring added value

            to the customer”

            Federico Barbieri

            Coesia Group

              ”I was curious to know where the services are develop and what are the

              new models”

              Andrey Meshalkin


              I learned how important is outside thinking”

              Jan Beek

              Rotzinger Group

                ”Networking is very important and meeting new people who have the same

                issues, and same challanges”

                Thomas Walther

                Mettler-Toledo GmbH

                  ”The possibility to talk with people who have the same issues is a source

                  of inspiration to everybody”

                  Ivo Quintelier